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BUSINESS / INTERVIEWS: To be considered for a business profile and entrepreneurial story attach  an executive summary of information on your company, patent, new product, technology or any unique and interesting feature to share with our  audience. Accredited investors, Real Estate owners and developers, professional affiliates and  private lenders please provide your specific investment requirements as a VC, Angel, or Private Equity Group, Investment Banker, Hedge Fund, Family Office, offshore Financier, or other Capital Markets funding source.

MUSIC: Music entries submitted with media kits in MP3/ MP4(video) or CD form. Artists showcases will be selected for our exclusive broadcasts. Special interviews, promotions and events may also be considered for livestream.

MARKETING/MEDIA:  Sponsors, professional groups, fundraisers for nonprofits and foundations, please include us in your next great event. Celebrity and personal engagements and appearances may be available upon request.

Welcoming musicians, artists, photographers, writers, cinematographers to share their talents and achievements with all of us. You are our inspiration for the future. We hope to encourage communication between the worlds of finance, technology, development, medicine, manufacturing, law, media, both corporations and entrepreneurs, get more American businesses in touch with talented people working.

We ask our audience to contact us about current local and global economic topics that are close to your heart. Please include also your passionate ideas, suggestions, thoughts and feedback.

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